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Information about Collaborative Health Care in English

Collaborative Health Care has been coordinating nurses and health care staff from different organizations and municipals over the last 11 years. The unique model has been developed in collaboration with the staff working closely with patient care. The model started as a project and has developed to include 15 municipals by 2022.  

Collaborative Health Care is both a unit within NU Hopsital Organization in the region of Västra Götaland as well as a model in which ambulance services, home health care, hospital care and the national telephone helpline for healthcare in Sweden collaborate to provide the fastest possible health care for inhabitants.

Person-centered care requires a paradigm shift in the way health services are funded, managed and delivered. Collaborative Health Care started in two municipals and has grown with one or two municipals each year since then. Formalizing the collaboration between health care organizations has led to faster, safer and closer care for the inhabitants.

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Senior Lecturer in nursing Jenny Hallgren from University of Skövde is the author of the publication Implementing a person centred collaborative health care model – A qualitative study on patient experiences in which the model is futher explained in 3.2 "Setting":

"The health care model CHC, was developed to coordinate health care resources, to tighten the care chain in primary health care, and to provide coherent health care. The CHC model is a unique health care model in Sweden, in which ambulance services including SOS alarm, hospital care, home health care and the national telephone helpline for healthcare in Sweden – Swedish healthcare direct (SHD1177), collaborate. [...] Normally in Sweden, each health care unit (ambulance services, home health care, hospital care and SHD1177) work independently due to separated authorities and organizations. Accountable managers for each actor in the region, have in collaboration developed the CHC model, to develop a coherent and seamless health care in which the health care actors share responsibilities in provision of care, organization, and financing. The CHC model has been perceived to increase person-centredness and quality in the health care, by the professionals working in the care model."

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A 3 min animated movie about three examples of Collaborative Health Care making a difference for the patients. Meet Allan who suffers from allergy, Greta who needs to go to a hospital ward and Karl whose temporary catheter is leaking. 

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